HTTP/2, HTTP/3 Comparision by a media player


As a modification of IPv4/IPv6 media player, I implemented a player that uses HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 mutually like the following:

  • cb0000.ts, HTTP/2
  • cb0001.ts, HTTP/3
  • cb0002.ts, HTTP/2
  • cb0003.ts, HTTP/3

It calculates chunk download speeds. Then it shows the speeds 2 ways

  • as subtitles on main display
  • messages on developer console


To play the player, you must use chrome browser (Stable version is OK). Also, you must enable “Experimental QUIC protocol” by “chrome://flags”;

Sample page

Color bar sample

  • Notes
    • On messages, h2 means http/2, h3 means http/3. If you can not see h3, your browser seting is wrong
    • As a HTTP/3 service, I use cloudflare CDN.
      • cloudflare, http/3 off
      • cloudflare, http/3 on
    • As a characteristic of CDN, video chunk can be missed on CDN server. To get better result, you should try the player twice (sencond time, chunks should be hit on CDN)


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